Loren Tlapana submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

Cops try to chase me You cannot erase me Glock stay off safety I am not a racist Yea i love dat bobby brown And that patrick swayze [?][?] irene Cuz it taste amazing Yea i know a whole lot Imma 80's baby Catch me serving re-rock Same place were the j's be Nigga you gon find out If you every try to play me All these whips and chains i got You'll think we was in slavery Foreign cars and Foreign homes Life of a mob boss Catch me up in lil [?] Tryna get this gas off When i make it to the top Imma show my ass off All these late nights My baby momma cussin' her ass off Jr boss is sellin' swag You can get [?] Come and get a whole birdie Still goin' for 34 Police ass nigga If you think i cannot handle Glock come off safety when i leave It ll be a man down Hook Yea yea yea Imma grinda(yup) Slash shina Gotta put your shades on Cuz an stack a jizzle A blind ya Fly ass fuck Geeked on a molly Just to remind ya I only fuck with quarters my nigga So nigga put them dimes up Yea, yea its my time to shine brah Jezzy were you been In the pin doin time brah A lot of niggas talk that gangster shit But they lying bruh They made me put the 9 down So i picked that iorn up The white man crucial they hid me When i was 18 youngster on the grind With a nine tryna chase green I started chasin' the money Now look how the money chased me Im icey like a stake ring rollin' On boston baked beans Hook

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