LyricsBrave Lil' Fighter

JJ Grey

Last update on: July 22, 2017
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Am I at peace with my maker? All in good time going to tell Was you born a liar?

Well it's the same, same old operator Trying to fool me again, again Am I going to play a fools errand? Gun on the table, a cold player But you can't hide with a bullet there's no ending to it ah it won't change a thing Another day, another day another dollar and gone again It's a shame, to carry the weight of a hidden pain When you want to fly so much higher They rev you up there you go, you got a green light rolling green light go, go, go on You're playing the game, game to lose Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh Lord it's time, time for some change Who are you baby? Oh Lord I'm feeling so insane Oh yeah How much I got to prove How much do I got to prove, prove to you before you listen baby listen to me? Time ain't going to stand still no more How many more times you got to be told before? Oh you've got to get, got to get, got to get, got to get on up and get it done right now Had a long day and I'm tired Brave little fighter You brave, you brave, you brave Brave lil' fighter Brave lil' fighter Brave lil' fighter Brave lil' fighter Ain't nothing out there baby Ain't nothing out there that ain't already you

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