LyricsHow Junior Got His Head Put…

JJ Grey & Mofro, J.J. Grey

Last update on: October 26, 2017
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Me and my friends out late one night 4 drunk sailors looking' for a fight One pulls a pistol and he sticks it to my head

A voice in my mind says, "Son you are dead" Just another scrape but we make it out alive Some make a living' tryin' to steal your pride Others talk color but I know it's all the same Never saw a bullet that didn't know a name Young jitterbug tryin' to play that game Always showing' out as if it was a game Bragging 'bout jacking people every chance he gets Young jitterbug best watch your step Jits with his girl out dancing' on a wire Car pulls up and opens fire Pull up to the scene there's a whole lot of cryin' Young jitterbug girlfriend lay dyin' Just 2 stories how things go down On any given day in this little Southern town here's a lot of slow walking' and a lot a sad singin' All throughout the memories the gun shots ringin'

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