LyricsThe Low

JED, Charlotte

Klyn Concha submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

I'm sick of being on the low with you I wanna be the only one for you This feeling's stronger than I thought it was But I'm ready to Give you my all, Cause it's you I want Give you my all, Cause it's you I want Give you my all, Cause it's you I want Cause it's you I want Ouuu girl we've been down this road before Yes I know that this probably got you off guard And I just wanna know if I'm the only dude that You be fucking with cause lately I've been thinking that we're something more These thoughts I have of us is something that I can't ignore It's creeping on me I can't push it too the side oh no Man I don't mean to intervene on your perspective of this thing we call a fling Cause I don't see me doing this no more! So pick and choose What you wanna do? Do you want love? Do you wanna lust? I'll just leave that to you Man this is crazy cause we call each other baby, like we dating, but we ain't so I just play it off like its all good Like damn, why you gotta always act like we don't have a thing? But when you feeling lonely you so quick to make my hotline bling Is that all that I'm good for? Good sex, and some dinner dates Couple rounds in the club that be on me But when them feels come around It's an awkward scene Please So please girl prove me wrong Don't wanna be on the wrong end of everything I just wanna give you my all Without no second guessing Just want you to give you the message That we ain't messing with no temporary satisfaction Yeah you know we sick of that shit Subtract all the distractions so we can capitalize on our own attraction And actually move on from being so low key! To be honest I don't even know if I got what it takes to tie you down Don't even know where we stand Are we dating? Are we friends? Are we friends with benefits? Man I don't get relationships cause every time I think Of getting serious it hurts my head Baby let me yours! If you let me I just wanna be more! I want to love you and this I'm sure! I wanna give you my world Baby i am ready If only you just let me be yours! You know I wanna give it to you Baby tell me what do I gotta do? I'm sick of playing games I wanna feel the same Baby let me be yours

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