LyricsThe Cure

J. Cole

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This shit has arrived Cole World, the new Nat King If I ain't the illest nigga, I'm his new vaccine Really more like poison when his New Jack Swing And my bed is like a deck of cards - two black queens A nigga don't like me, he just a fucking hater What you made last week, I just tipped the fucking waiter What that feel like? Tell me what that feel like Nigga fuck your Twi-tter, bitches follow me in real life Welcome back, ladies and gentleman to a brand new season Dreamville, Cole World. So much has happened in our time apart I can't wait to share it with you all in due time Did you miss me, I know I missed you Can't believe these niggas ain't rap on this shit man Look Heard niggas got beef, then they see me on the street, and don't speak Heard niggas dropping songs every week, but they weak Yeah I heard about your deal, hope they keep the receipt Heard niggas out there saying I would be Memphis Bleek Well, how you feel when that nigga got mills? And you sitting, commenting, discussing on how you feel Bout another nigga shit, or another nigga chips Meanwhile I'm on the strip, putt puttin' wit ya bitch Cut something in the 6 then dip to 160 Bitch don't fuck with me, trust nigga I'm sick Can't tag me, fuck nigga I'm it Watch this Look With my heart on my sleeve I bleed pardon my greed I plead insanity, with a side of vanity How can it be I blew up singlehandedly, nobody handed me shit Granted though, I planned to be rich Understandably, funny how I talk so candidly On cameras but won't holla at family only randomly After a few drinks come our realest convos My handle on my thoughts used to be as ill as Rondo's Screaming fuck whitey, forgetting I'm still mulatto Ay reverend, will I get to heaven, he said "hell if I know," shit Stay scheming, day dreaming, chain gleaming Name should be Abe Lincoln 'cause I cannot tell a lie though All facts in fact, been all that Before Kenan and Kel swallowed the key to my cell Which means, I got an impossible lock to pick And if you want my spot, you gotta go through lots of shit Nigga, Cole the truth, you the opposite I be tryna figure out why I cannot commit With who I've known for years, is it hoes or fear Meanwhile she wonder if the one she chose is pure No cure for the cold, rather Cole the cure Them last lines was more honest than your whole career Nigga, you a phony, only got few homies I prefer lonely, you rap niggas don't know me Staying to myself, not concerned 'bout my health I'm a mothafucka and yo baby mother is a milf Couple years ago they had a nigga sitting on the shelf Now they tell me "man you like the realest shit I ever smelt" They say "boy you got the belt, plus you better than so-and-so" I keep it modest but inside I already know it though Yea, thanks my nigga, yea, thanks my nigga I deserve but nah this ain't Tank my nigga Leave the party like I just robbed a bank my nigga Bag full of money, fuck yo debate my nigga 'Cause two years ago when I ain't make it, I was pissed But you care a little less about a list when you rich, nigga When you rich nigga But that's not what we came here for. We didn't come here to brag; we didn't come here to boast, to stunt. We just came here to flex. Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate your patience. I assure you, it'll be well worth the wait. But in the meantime, if I can get right back into it though. Check it How many Kanye beats do a nigga gotta murder To prove my mind's further, hater nigga converter Took kids to Carowinds which I'm sure you never heard of 'Cause I didn't tell the news or the Fayetteville Observer I don't do it for the press, I'm blessed, I made it out Sitting on this plane, my biggest thing to complain about Somewhere between yesterday and now I done lost my jewelry, Rollies, chains, almost lost my cool But see, I just left kids who ain't got a fucking thing 'Cept a lot of fucking problems and a lot of fucking pain And here I go bitching 'cause my Jesus piece missing Got a feeling housekeeping finally caught a nigga slipping Eyes wide open, they just found a pot of gold Now lil' Julio is somewhere shining on you hoes But that's how it goes, fuck it I'm still breathing Like my lil' nigga Jaheim, we here for a reason That's my lil' man Jaheim He said, "Cole, can you shout me out on a song?" I was like, "I don't know man," but in my mind I knew I would shout him out though, you know Fayettenam, 2-6. Dreamville. We from a different world. Cole World

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Synced byBill Kapri
Translated byDanitha Flakitapff
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