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Israel, New Breed

Last update on: July 29, 2019
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You have taken the precious from the worthless And given us beauty for ashes, love for hate You have chosen the weak things of the world

To shame that which is strong And the foolish things to shame the wise You are help to the helpless Strength to the stranger And a father to the child thats left alone You invited the thirsty to come to the water And those who have no money come and buy So come Come, so come Behold the days are coming For the Lord has promised When the plow man will overtake the reaper And our hearts will be the threshing floor And the move of God we cried out for will come Surely come, Oh God And you will shake the heavens and fill your house with glory Turn the shame of the outcast into praise Now all creation groans and waits For the Spirit and Bride to say The words that your heart has longed to hear So come Come, so come

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