LyricsAsh and Ruin


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Ash and Ruin Our forces dressed in black Descend upon the site

Dismantling the engines of ecocide Earth Liberation every night. Planting ceramic stakes Deep inside the trees To save the last old growth stands Bringing companies their knees. People linking arms In the line of machines Human shields of protection Risking life for a belief. Our earth is in danger From wanton corporate destruction Take control of the situation Fight back with direct action Before the forests become ash and ruin. The private sector runs amok Undermining environmental laws Breaking protection rights Earth's resources in their claws. Devoid of care or thought The general mass: a walking dead Distracted by a consumer paradise We are willingly led. Consume and forget The capitalists slash and burn Life depends upon nature When will they ever learn? What will it finally take? Burning riots in the street? Peaceful protest has become rhetoric Violent upheaval is what we need. Ash and ruin Corporate laws are constructed And enforced by the state. Attenuating public voice Another S.L.A.P.P. in the face. A corporate funded firing squad Disguised as cops and lawyers Destroying people's lives To protect the private sector. State and corporate complicity A crime cartel which we allow All life is bound to suffer The time to act now. Ash and ruin

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