LyricsPlea of Insanity

Iced Earth

Last update on: July 25, 2017
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Here I sit, judges stand My fate is held in his hand Please hear my plea "Insanity"

I never meant to hurt no one It wasn't me who did the deed I wasn't in control There she lay so innocent Her blood upon my hands The memory is like a blur Let me explain if I can He wakes me up late at night Drives me to the edge He held my hand- gripped it tight She just lay there without a fight Hear my plea Insanity Let me out, I'm innocent Help me please, He's in here! He's coming after me He's wrapped it tight around my neck Hanging by a noose It's too late for me now Look-out, he's on the loose My eyes were closed, like a dream Until I heard her scream Oh My God, what have I done? It was insanity - Not me He plunged it deep He held my hand and plunged it down It wasn't me - It was insanity

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