LyricsDiary of a Madman

House of Krazees

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Fuck this, here we go again from the hot spot Age slipping, that's why my eyes so blood shot Killing niggas here, kill 'em there

They keep coming back Running me down like I'm a needle in a hay stack From beyond the grave, this is a devil's game No remorse, I don't show no shame Taking a pride in my killing, I think I'm up a million Fuck with me, one less civilian No choice, just death, blood on my breath Grab your fucking heart, rip it straight out your chest Evade in the darkness, as you hear me laugh Bath in the sins of the evil, feel my wrath E to the X to the P, exodus songs Finally explained why my time's almost gone No pain, no gain, model of the insane Bring terror cause I'm evil as I stab, jab, and maim So check the groove of a dead man with black magic Rise from the grave, come alive and I'm tragic So listen to the man inside of me And stay the fuck out of a madman's diary Diary of a Madman (x2) D-I-A-R-Y of a madman Gets funky in cemeteries packed with the bodies I jam Creep so deep my fucking nuts hurt from sagging I zig when I want, papers torch, that's why I'm zagging Return of the dragon, shit, return of the psycho Much crazier than Michael, put Fright Night in fright ya'll Say doubie do dang (?), watch the whole thing blow up quick It's so hard you get scared like bitches in crazy flicks Ain't this a fucking trick, hold me on this son The diary is sick, you fuck around and you'll catch one Parental advisory on me because the parents know not To let they kids get a whiff of these Nuts, I rush to go crush your dreams When they sleep, I slip on your nightmares, a dope fiend Worse than mescaline, hallucinate you on PCP Seeing shit, that ain't shit, I ain't shit So come and deal with the real hit This is the clip and I'm gone for the nine tre (93) Diary of the madman Diary of a Madman (x2) This is a diary of a madman A lunatic, mad bastard Be cautious when stepping cause I'm just like a hazard To your life, like a knife in the night, man Cause everything looks fucked up from where I stand The first chapter of my diary proves that I am insane Stabbed a nigga ten times and blew out his brains Chapter two, what to do, I just burned a nigga I'm about to bury his ass, cause I'm a gravedigger My hypnotic rhyme rolls through your fucking head And if you think about it, yeah, well you're better off dead So as the hot blood flows from the open wound I'm about to shank your ass and seal your fucking doom As you try to wake up from your dreaming But I'm screaming like a demon to watch you bleed man This is the diary of a madman Diary of a Madman (repeat)

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