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Horse the Band

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Right now, in the heat of my head A flower blooms that was already dead Decembers long gone

But these fields are forever frozen ...and everything she said Burns in the back of my head Quick-sands of silver Under dreams still glittering golden All along I sing this song It runs wild like a river inside A voice cries out sharp words of doubt If I take them to heart they make me bleed Everyday my attention strays Light like life it fades away The clock it ticks I turn my back I feel the surface bulge and crack... Tick tick tock tick tock tick tick tick tock tick tock tick I want the channnngggee I feel the channnnnngggee Then post-metamorphosis where do the answers lie One above and one below with lions locked inside Then in silence they turn the key Setting all those lions free.e.eee.e Then I hold my head up higher and higher Reach out tentacles to every desire I faced the sea and its time for a change I am an octopus in flames Sinking underwater Sweating boiling getting hotter Bubbles burst between my fingers My breath is cracked and drawn Sinking like an anvil And facing several tentacles My eyes go black and pop red cherries The surface me is gone Gone Im gone Gone Im gone Im mesmerized -- a servant to the light u cant deny it With everyone standing here Im a million miles away A change

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