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Herbal T

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Ayo Smooth and delicious Y'all dudes are just bitches

I serve emcees and afterwards I have 'em doing the dishes I move with the quickness It's not about the jewels or the riches This is rap calisthenics man, I do it for fitness Yeah I know music's a business I know 'bout the YouTube views and the clicks and the revenues for them bitches I'm using them bitches to purchase something super nutritious For my family like salmon, we make stew with them fishes Emcees about to swim with the schools of the fishes I'm gluing your pictures to walls and throwing darts at you and your clique It's the Wax and Herbal T crew in this bitch With the shit that make you bounce like them hydraulic coupes with the switches Ya kangaroos are some crickets Your gang of losers are finished John Gotti swag, body bag, bruising and stitches Ya think I had the flu with the sickness I'm spewing, I gotta pull over, catch me roadside, puking in ditches Rotten like Johnny from the group with Sid Vicious Crews freeze like computers with glitches Ya girl dreams about removing my britches and lubing my dick with some lubricant Using her tits and then doing exuberant shit When the fluids emitting it looks like Elmer's Glue cause it sticks That surprised look on her face shows how stupid the bitch is Herbs move crowds like a preacher with his pews full of Christians And once again your gang of losers are finished and that's that (Repeat x2) Uh My crew that shit Whole crowd so loud saying do that shit A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in this bitch Can't believe they got the people so live in this bitch And that's that The way I felt when I was writing this tune It's kind of like huffing a nitrous balloon on a flight to the moon Like lightning was striking the room Like fucking around and trying to fight Mike Tyson, couple of rights and you're doomed Y'all really good at sucking like Dyson vacuums I throw your CD in the garbage for the mice and raccoons Wack emcees, I don't need a fork and knife to consume Cause all these cotton candy rappers I could slice with a spoon Ya mama should have took your life in the womb I recommend you put a hose to your tail pipe and siphon the fumes I got you tripping like as if I laced the cypher with shrooms Y'all gotta be high like them witches taking flights on them brooms It's like I was biting a prune Cause I be dropping mad shit soon, ass sounding like a bassoon Herbal T broke joke money trifling but soon I'm trying to see that big cake like a wife and a groom (Repeat x2)

No translations availableNo translations available
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