LyricsSweet Charity: Baby Dream…

Helen Gallagher

Last update on: August 29, 2020
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Baby, Dream Your Dream. Close your eyes and try it. Dream of furniture; Dream that I can buy it. That fancy bed you prayed for, Not only bought but paid for. Dream we sign the lease, Leave a small deposit; Three and one-half rooms With a walking closet. We'll ask the local Jet-set To dine on our dinette-set Right across the street, There's a friendly bank. You make a friendly loan, And the bank says: "Thank you." Ev'ry Saturday, We'll spend all our money. Join the P.T.A.; They will love you, honey. Life will be frozen peaches and cream. Baby, dream Your Dream. Three fat hungry kids All in pink condition So, who's in the red? That nice obstitrition. Big daddy's favorite past time He's had it for the last time. Soon daddy don't come home, He says he's gone bowling. But, a bowling ball Is not what Daddy's rolling. Every night they fight. Once they both exploded Then they both got tight Tight, hell they got loaded! Well, who knows what will sour the cream When you dream your- But come to think of it How happy I would be If someday I could find the kind of guy Who'd say to me Baby, dream your dream. Close your eyes and try it Dream of three fat kids Brother, would I buy it? Life could be frozen peaches and cream If only I could (If only i could) Dream, dream, dream a dream.

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