Heartless Bastards

Last update on: July 25, 2017
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staring out at the city skylights a marathon is going down the street and we're all racing for our own reasons and sometimes in the middle we all meet on this long raid home on this long race home into another fork in the road that's where we decided to part and no one said anything for hours we were under the same familiar stars on this long road home on this long road home and went out want to belong to something more than more than our soul cause you can't always do it alone sometimes you just need a need a little help on this long way home on this long way home and oh I ventured so far that I forgotten what I was running from and time it takes you so far and I am longing to be back home on this long way home (x3) I'm on my way (x5)

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Synced byMayor Henry
Translated byAaron Alejos

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