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Half Moon Run

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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I wait, and I wait, to make a new start A new beginning, but it feels like the end Not that I know for certain, Not that I even care,

But if I reach out will you still be there? And it takes one to know one And I'm really not sure If I can put things back together like before And I wanted to be simple But everything I see I'm trying to see the bright side, the best way I know The more I look up, the more I feel below I found some good distractions as far as people go But with every new one an other gets sore I followed my convictions It was good until I got bored Until a voice beyond the grave kept calling more I'm really trying to be there, for the people I know The more we meet up, the more I feel alone So I look at what surrounds me, and places I go And the seeds all in this garden start to grow

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Synced byAntonio Bento
Translated by문선정

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