LyricsDance Outside


Last update on: April 20, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Seeing you cross the room Commanding the attention Of everyone in view

There's no space left to stand in People have gathered 'round Echoing their excitement Listening to the sound of you soft voice Asking you every question Begging to get to know Each of the things you have done And where you want to go Looking hard for an answer Staring into her eyes I'm starting to think I love her Can she be mine Leaving the party early Getting into your car Heading down into the city Trying to find that one good bar Getting carried away with talking Forgetting about the time The bartender says they're closing We dance outside Pulling into the driveway Our driver says goodbye Wondering if I may Ask you to spend the night Before I come to an answer You open up my door Telling me to follow you To the floor

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