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Geto Boys, Facemob

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I′m gonna fix this shit in '96 Facemob in the motherfuckin′ house, the g b For the 1990-3-3, you know what I'm sayin' Gun shots ring out, niggas duckin′, what the fuck?! Seen this nigga bite the bullet, it, daym, fucked him up Put him outside his innerself Took his lifeline from him Never got the chance to see who done it Just niggas runnin′, breakin' to they shit Befoe′ the gun, put they ass up in the mix And all I seen was him, laid out chokin' Eyes to the back of his head, wide open And I′m hopin' that they don′t find the killer Because this nigga, crossed a whole bunch of killers But still a bunch of motherfuckas stand dazed As they gaze at the corpse Before they drop him in the grave [get paid] That's all he spoke, lights out at your part That's all she wrote Everybody got a time and a place they die But if your out there crowdin′ up your space, it fly, i X2 Hold it down, gang type mobbin′ 4 5 packin' knuckleheads mackin′ jackers that want to try If life was a game, that money could buy The rich niggas would live And the po' niggas would die Way down in the south, deep, on the creep There was a monkey tryin′ to step on big ol' lion feet Nigga peep the monkey was the runner and the runner did the dirt Came up short on my skrilla and got his monkey ass hurt What it look like? On the south side ti be hoppin′ Respect grew wit the .45 if ya poppin' I got him on the camera, fuckin' thief wanna check mail? Shot him now another bitch is waitin′ just to exhale But oh well, it′s murder, tell me have you heard her? 4 5 pack o'knuckleheads from the mob ready to serve y′all Meanwhile, i'ma tell y′all all just what I hate A fool that want to pop lip To turn and shake and gyrate, as iUp in the set you see me mobbin' Sippin′ on the Hennessy Look up in the cut, damn here comes my enemy Eyes met, and you best bet, she got a bitches deep Slowly, they movin' closer so I taps my peeps I'm ′bout to take this hoe break this hoe down like a frisco But never let go, up in this game thats how the best rolls I test those who ain′t never ever seen me jump Light they ass up like funk cause I ain't scared of you punk Motherfuckas that think, I′ll pull this trigga and blink Leave they ass to stank, then I down a whole drank Understand, I'm out the do′ tag they toe and leave 'em rottin′ Cause up in this game focus aim and you forgotten I'm moppin on these hoes like they waxed floors And I catch those tryin to escape Where they goin? up out the back door And I'm at your head, wit a .38 Ready to murder, straight through your chest Wit no time to waste, ix2 Look at him, bleedin from the mob There goes another nigga, gone Blood all over the rug, shoulda stayed his ass at home Niggas can′t get along, specially at these clubs Tryin to fuck these same bitches Strange niggas, tryin to check nuts I just look as I drink my drink and I′m blown All of a sudden, out of nothin' Goddamn there they go wit all that shit Shankin and shootin and squabblin But you know I′m holdin it down Gang type mobbin I'm havin bad luck willie Feelin like I lost my dog Lookin sick cause my motherfuckin scratch is gone Ain′t no tommorrow, I gots ta get some more today Spray, all thats in my way if he don't mob this way I′m sick of windowshoppin, eavesdroppin and Hearin that you holdin what we did Up to yourself and tryin to fuck me on my end Come again come come niggas get toasted Oven roasted, evenly burnt I pour the syrup And leave em turned up Is this that motherfuckin p a y Back city and it's shitty but for show they timed it You get what you got surely comin, the latex pipe You see it and start runnin but can't run all night Sooner or later you turn up to the sure shot shit Ass naked for that motherfuckin shit you did [Its a dog nation and a dog time, everything must rewind, recognize What you doin time And i′mx2 The rich niggas will live The poor niggas will die So I guess we gotta make all the poor niggas rich Is that how it goes?

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