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Gassed Up

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man try talk, he's got me walking the walk like I can't even remember his name man'll try act up big on the internet

but real life man I doubt he's the same fuck this guy, nothin but a waste of my time, sometimes I need to let shit go wouldn't of said we were close but we used to be chill nowadays I wanna slice your throat anyway back to the banter it's not banter when I turn up an clap ya don't act up you're not an actor don't act up you're just a wanker blast mics up and I tear shit down cool dizzaboy man I never play round dont frown coz u know I have the sickboy sound I be the badman take any man down. north south east west left right back dappa dizzle im a lyrical lumberjack and if you dont like cos i chop trees chop tracks drop tracks if you dont know mans get jacked running the roads like my name's kano rip out your heart shit better lay low cos i flow so delicately name one dappa d name 2 crossley. remember the shit coz i flow freely on all the mics that be where you see me you see 2D I see 3D, up on the mic i merk em easy. yo stop hypin you're no big man, you're no viking you're a dafty, you're not gully im out of your league but I go in fully i'm in a harder league open you up like a barca team i'm messi fam you're not markin me sideman you're not even startin g slew any badman any soundboy draw for the magnum like a cowboy soundboy if you wanna come big row boy then fuck the magnum I draw 12 bore toy, no joy Yer a shitchat boy no discipline when I chat see the mans a be listening wont be a marriage an it won't be a christening it'll be a funeral boy you'll be missing in a six foot hole buried like mole when i merk melancholy on the mic control.

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