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A Thing For Me You say we never should've been But I disagree So like an... Acting Up I stand here waiting for you all the time Hope you... All I Could Do All I could do It's all I could do All I could...

Almost Famous Young with too much cash, watch how I came up... Alone Yeah, yeah, yeah blue jeans, air ones and a white... Apple of My Eye The other day seen this girl walk by the other... Been On Yeah, rappers try to brag about accomplishments But nothing ... Big I wanna be big, I wanna be big I wanna be... Blazin On A Sunny Afternoon ft. MOD SUN Yeah, I woke up around 12, Looked to my right found... Breathe My apologies if I'm too blunt, me no mean to... California Culture On some old-school G shit, haha California culture, yeah ... Calm Down I've been sitting on the charts like a beach chair My... Candy Girl She's my woman Sticky now And laid in chocolate treats I ... Coming Home ft. Bryce Vine Mama I'm coming home Same damn boy you've always known Right... Complete And fuck whoever thought it wasn't that hard Fifteen hundred... Dear Ms. Rose Baby, I could rule the world With a girl like you,... Don You don't own me You don't own me Woah, let's go But I'... Don't Let Me Go If we shall dance we shall dance for the night I... Downtown Love Downtown love Don't want none of your downtown love Downto... Drifting Got this flight to London, I ain't pop no Xans... Endless Summer ft. Erika Flowers I had a dream of a place where the sun... Everything Will Be OK Even if I don't stay Everything will be okay Everything wi... Factory Girl These two are the leaders No party in New York is... Far Alone Yeah, yeah, yeah blue jeans, air ones and a white... For This Yeah, yeah, ah, yeah I waited all my life for this They... Fresh! Grab the iPhone and hit up fam and Come through with... Fried Rice These girls wanna tie a kid down and keep me... Grown Up Life I'm trying to make sure my ends meet up But I... Hang Ten They-they say I'm too old for my age But it's funner... Hell Is Round The Corner I stand firm for our soil Lick a rock on foil So... Hello Late to my own release party man I'm tore up... I Don't Want You Back Boy you did me wrong And darling that's a fact No need... I Mean It If I ever said I'm never scared Just know I mean... Intro Do not go gentle into that good night Rage, rage against... Just Believe Smokin' on the loudest? Tryna see through a cloud of... Kings Hey Kyle how you doing? Oh yeah, I'm good Yeah doing... Lady Killers Got on my leather jacket, thriller There sure ain't nothin'... Let Take me down Take me all the way down tonight, soon... Loaded Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded Loaded, loaded, loaded, load... Loaded %5Bfeat. DJ Carnage%5D Loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded Loaded, loaded, loaded, loade... Lotta That Talking 'bout whiskey bottles (Gotta lotta lotta lotta that ... Luvaholic ft. Crush Club Sitting back in the chair Thinking about the last time I s... Mad Yeah, I swear I fall in love With every gorgeous face Can'... Make-Up Sex When they fight, they fight And when come home at night... Mango Little momma let me see you move Little momma let me... Marilyn I, I, I, I, I want to... Me People talk, it's just word of mouth No, it ain't nothing... Me %26 U ft. JAB %26 Rome Came with my whole gang 20 of us walked up Fuck you... Me Myself & I Oh, it's just me, myself and I Solo ride until I... Mean It If I ever said I'm never scared Just know I mean... Must Be Nice Wishin' I could say goodbye to being broke, and say... My Life is a Party My life is a party Grab the iPhone and hit up... Netflix Living in New Orleans, she came in from Texas Every local... Never Listen To Adults Never listen to adults I turned up the volume on my... Nothing To Me People talk, it's just word of mouth No, it ain't nothing... Of All Things Growing up they tell me follow your dreams Now I got... One Of Them I seen that big house, I need one of them I... Opportunity Cost Everything costs something bro When it's somewhere somewhere... Order More I got racks on the menu She need more shawty cash... Outta Pocket ft. Chippy Nonstop Outta pocket Outta pocket You know what you doctored in ... Paper Planes I fly like paper, get high like planes If you catch... Plastic Dreams Fell asleep in a freshman class, woke up on a... Purpell Treez ft. Noon Catch wiffs go and sniff that breeze when I light... Random This is the anthem Told the world I need everything and... Rebel He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good He's... Reefer Madness You couldn't catch me in the streets without a ton... Remember You I will remember you She got her Own crib with a Twin bed... Runaround Sue (Oooh) Here's my story it's sad but true (Oooh) It's about... Sad Boy Gerald what the fuck is wrong, man? Cheer the fuck up,... SB Dunks Yea, yea boy I really like them sneakers Yea, yea boy... Shoot Me Down Yea, I may be right I may be wrong But you... Some Kind Of Drug Wake up this morning, I'm shaking I can't be still... Stay High Ridin through the city, rollin up sticky A bad bitch with... Talk to You I just wanna talk to you Show you how I feel... The Outsider Now how you measurin' Tellin' her or who's better than Shi... These Things Happen Let's go Party in the penthouse, atop, passed the fuck out ... Think About You 'Cause I do, 'cause I do, 'cause I do, yeah Keep... This Is Me Last week I had a thought I'm 20 years That's old... Tumblr Girls 'Cause I'm in love with these Tumblr girls With skinny waist... Waspy Yeah, she like the way I flip this Tennis shit But... What If What If I had 100 million dollars I fuck, some fuck,... You Got Me Came with my whole gang 20 of us walked up Fuck you... You Were Up To Something ft. Caddywhompus My god you were up to something My god you were... Zombie Land ft. Circa 87 Damn, tricking is a treat partner Every beat drops and I...

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