LyricsNo Cap

Future, Young Thug

Last update on: October 19, 2020

Southside on the track, yeah Ha ha

Yeah Take it out the bank, go put it up Got my main hoe, put her up Straight off the lot, go put it up My last two foreigns pulled up Straight out the bank, go put it up Everybody in the hood gone pull up I got 'em on Xans and the Roxy's The homie done ran with a thottie Every week I change my closet Got a Fendi store in my house Got a Bentley garage in my house Got a watch on my wrist cost a house My bitch can't sleep at my house Make her sleep at a hotel now And when you talk, man, you talking off cap And your diamonds they looking like tap I was always ducking from the paps Keep an R&B bitch in my lap Out in Beverly Hills, I adapt But I still had to ride with that strap Yellow diamonds like banana, that's cap Put some dirty in Mello Yello, no cap Rocking Maison Margiela's, that's cap Red bitch, Cinderella, no cap I can turn perro I can turn Pedro Bad bitch out the ghetto Eating like middle I'm 'bout to get better Still trapping for Beretta's Rolls Royce, I'm a gorilla Getting dome at Coachella Yeah, hop out the coupe and titty fuck her Yeah, free Bobby Shmurda motherfuck the Rucker's I'ma lean back in the back, she suck like lolli-suckers I lied when I said I love her Backstabbed the bitch, like I'm Michael Myers My little brother keep a stick on the seat He gone brrrt, brrrt, brrrt 'til your heart stop beating I'm a Zone 6 nigga and I'm riding in a foreign Fuck a bad yellow bitch anytime I get bored Nigga, uh I'm a giant on these streets, nigga, uh Switch my bitch once a week, nigga, uh 1.5 in my Goyard, uh Gone need a way bigger surf board, uh I bust down my plain Yachtmaster with bezels I flew her out to Vegas, swear to God, forgot to hit her I made 'em quit they jobs, then I gave 'em to my niggas I gave a little start-up money and put her in a rental I send my Ethiopian to go pray at the temple I flood her heart with diamonds, just to pray, it's so expensive She tasting holy water, so, for me, it's beneficial She caught the holy ghost when I gave her the presidential

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