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Little Suzie cruising for some love and affection Arm in arm with everyone been charming the nation Cindy picks the wallets for her friends medications As willing patient Julie sit and wait for attention Lucy's got a uniform for every occasion Annie's got a gun she says she stole for protection As someone in the background screams another objection Sally turns her back and walks in dissatisfaction Rudy got a problem, he got too much aggression Disregarding everything it's time for attention He got Bobby in a bottle, he got Billy in a stetson He's got Betty does her best but it's a bad situation Gina's getting God so she can get up to Heaven Looking like an Angel in the name of salvation Cathy's in a coma that she calls meditation As Danny does the Devil now he's left for damnation Jim's trying hard to learn from every lesson Looking to the future and some great expectation Nikki's countin' day's until she inherits the mansion And all the boys are waiting for a piece of the action Simon says and Simon does what nobody mentions Peter's getting restless lacking all true expressions Tommy's undecided he can't make no decisions As Joni's in the basement getting bored at the tension

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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