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You know when you hear that haaan! Montana, remix (yeah) Hey Snootie Wild, I gotcha (CMG, the family)

So we talkin' Yayo, all I know is yayo Every time she hit the block, that ho she be on go mode And if you try to rob me, swear to God that be a no-no Sauced up and I'm loco and you niggas know so Shout out to my day-o, innie, yayo That white shit put me on the bread, I should call it mayo And my niggas go all out, I should call 'em AO That choppa lay you down, you can't get up, I call it KO Yeah, J.O., that's what I call jump off Your baby momma on the dick, and she don't wanna jump off Sucka found out, hit the roof and jumped off It's fucked up that a jump off, made a nigga jump off Yeah, Pablo, Griselda and Chapo Feeling like King Pin, vacation in Cabo Bossed up, El Fabo, no money, no hablo Two bottle of Diablo, all I know is yayo (Niice) Yeah, yayo, yeah, I just say yayo Taste just like the candy cane but whiter than that pure snow And why you try to play me, and you know you selling wuapo? When you with the boss, then I got to say so Aye, oh no, hit these licks like oh no Counting all this mula paper, you can call it mucho Cause I be rockin' all this paper, movin' weight like macho I be eatin' nacho, cheese, guapo Aye, vato, holler at amigo If he gon' get them hoes and wrap 'em tighter than burrito I let 'em know I need them for the low, he need it pronto He gon' ship 'em off, ptttiu! Torpedo! I swear, ha-haaah Yayo, yayo, all I know is yayo It feels some type of way, our dudes know I let that K go Couple dudes is nice, the rest of y'all just in the away tho The coke is from Colombia, the kush is from LA tho I get it in the mail, I got some people on the pay-roll Let it sit they like it even better when it's a day-old Money sure will get you shot, stabbed or K.O'd Wheneva I say go, y'all know, they know Extendo out the window, motherfucker, broad day-do Devil with the pitchfork or the angel with the halo Spanish mami with me, fat ass J-Lo When she ask me what I do I told her all I knew is yayo Aye, it's yayo on the block, when it's hot like a mu'fucka The price drop, homies cut like a mu'fucka The homie turned to a chef and the fiends love him These niggas on the block selling all day They niggas living like Penny Hardaway Nigga bust a whole bird down sellin' ounce to ounce For you more money, but that's a harder way He just got out on motherfuckin' bail He just got a pack in the motherfuckin' mail Push it overseas, "How it's smell?" Niggas like: "Ooh, that's that Scarface!" Ooh, this shit look sauteed, ooh it smell so tart, eh We movin' work like Hova moved the Nets to Barclay Oh, we them niggas, oh, we got them hittaz Ooh, that yayo bakin' soda freein' like yo niggas" Hold up, shh, on the phone, niggas don't talk now Cause niggas get in that interrogation room and they bitch out Uh-oh! Yayo, yayo, all we need is yayo Killers on the payroll, clap, you sniff some yayo Dikeman got that yayo, Heights got that yayo Forlter got that yayo, Broadway got that yayo Yayo, yayo, trafficking that yayo If they pull us over, Buju Banton with that yayo Beaucoup with that yayo, Coo Coo with that yayo Soda all inside, chicken noodle with that yayo Pablo and Diego swallowin' that yayo Flights from Republic, damn it doodoo in that yayo My nigga down south got a plug on that yayo Catch me up top 'bout fifty for that yayo Haaan! Coke Boy All I know is yayo

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