LyricsI Don't Miss You at All


Last update on: September 19, 2019

I swear I don't Miss you at all And I barely still remember

Who's in the pictures on my wall 'Cause, no, I can't Recall your scent Jasmine tuberose and lily Or your silly friend's accent All but forgotten About those eyes The shade of green that if he'd seen Would make F. Scott Fitzgerald cry But I won't Break down into AM and call 'Cause I don't Miss you at all And I'm sleepin' fine I don't mean to boast But I only dream about you Once or twice a night at most And it feels so good Eating alone I don't get distracted by your smile And miss the green lights driving home No sign of stopping The house isn't far But I think our song is coming on And now I wanna crash the car But I won't Make that mistake again and fall So I say I don't Miss you at all And someday I won't Miss you at all

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