LyricsForced Inside Your Church

Evil Incarnate

Last update on: July 25, 2017
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Demons and I have become one We share the same hatred of the bastard Jesus Christ Your preaching does nothing you see

All it does is anger me Beating and bashing me with the holy book you are reading Come to me when I lay down Sin surrounds when I close my eyes Satan hase come to me in nightmares No more confused, open my eyes Now that I start to understand Who am I, how could this be St. Michael bringing misery My mission is clear to me Chorus: You forced me inside of your church Battering my blackened soul The rage inside out of control Holy priest cannot save me I do not want to hear the lie Do not lay your hands upon me Beware the teeth inside my Chaos filling with this room Controlling people with your fear You tell them they must fear your god Once I witnessed your hypocrisy Satan became the god for me He is my master from hell I create the hate for thee Spread demonic propaganda Recruiting armies for him Recruiting armies for Satan Chant: Let me give you a knife So you can cut your flesh Cut your flesh for Satan Cut your flesh for Hatred (Repeat)

No translations availableNo translations available
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