LyricsA Fistful of Dollars Suite

Enio Morricone

Last update on: December 22, 2020
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Two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon Hop on the 7 train, we know just what to do Switch at Jackson Heights for the F downtown When we hit the Bowery, we're ready to explode Time - never seemed to cross our minds Never thought that this would end Change - after all was said and done We would never be the same Rain or shine, didn't mean a thing Came for the friendly faces and to blow off steam Big Charlie, Tommy Rat, Brendan's on the door Hanging with Johnny Stiff, watching Murphy's Law Time - like a thief in the night Blink your eyes and it's gone Change - after all was said and done We would never change a thing When life got rough We couldn't get enough It's where we grew up Down at the matinee We made friends for life Yeah, there were fights But we turned out alright Down at the matinee Now CB's is closed, the building has been sold They took away the heart but couldn't kill the soul NEW YORK HARDCORE - lives inside of me NEW YORK HARDCORE - the flag so proudly raised WORLDWIDE HARDCORE - that's our family I'M SO THANKFUL - for those times at the matinee

No translations availableNo translations available
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