Eminem, D12

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Fuck fat ass nasty dirty niggas Filth, shit, fuckin filth yeea Lalalalalala

Ayo my style bust holes in the earth Crush the crust by the dirtiest Be the specializing in stoppin breathin My legion a bleed man whether you belive in Heaven and hell Make your grill swell it ain't hard to tell I work spells or wicked like _ Put _ head first, the round bursts another victim Nah man the boy pick em, stick em Hands on the half shit, I'm fillin my glands full of acid Two hands full of ass dancing with angela bassett Make plans for the casket Your head lands in a basket A dead mans in a plastic I got red hands and a mass of fits Yeaah em Fuckin rap pervert, I serve dirt My sick thoughts get all mixed up like rainbow sherbert Get every nerve hurt, spot a mic and walk toward it My whole click will beat your fuckin ass and camcord it Somebody hide my too many hoes on my dick Smoked all your hay who wants to start the crucial conflict Im the big daddy smokin blunts in cali End up doing a drive by at the stay in school rally Stop stop knockin 'cause ain't nobody there Hoes with aids I still fuck bare 'Cause i, I just don't care Ill enuff to fuck up all your dental care When bizarre kid comes through you better yell may day Or you was havin good times like dynamite kujo _ Yeah yeah bitch I get helmet from stank crack heads And read my kids horror stories when I lay em to bed Ridin bikes butt naked Gettin freshed by police men Fuck christmas this is take a gift season Beatin kids up for no reason Take lunch boxes and all Get em high off mushrooms And play a friendly game of dodgeball Biiitch! Ayo Battlin the dirty dozen that don't pay You God dam right punk stay outta my way

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