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(En) Against the waves, with our swords in our hands Against the sea, with our backs to the walls Against distress, in the presence of our enemies

Against the storms, roaring at our faces A cry rang out throughout the skies A beckon, the flight of the cranes The call of the mountains The call of the Alps The call home The tune in our hearts The song of the mountains (De) Was isch das drängeli stürm i üsem innerste? Was isch das plange wo euse blick gäg ufe zieht? Was isch de klang wo dur die schwarzi wulche bricht? Was verspricht mir de klang vo däre harfe? Es rüäefe hallt vo wiit her dür de wind E verheissig, am kranich sin schrei De ruef vo de bärge, hejo, hejo, hejo, hejo Die stimm vo de alpe, (Fr) L′appel des Alpes Ehyo ehyo ehyo ehyo Le chant dans nos coeurs Le chant des montagnes Les voix dans le vent Les signes dans le ciel L'appel des montagnes, hej-o, hej-o, hej-o, hej-o (Romansh) Il clom dallas Alps, Il clom dallas patria, hej-o, hej-o, hej-o, hej-o La chantzun in nus cour, Il clom dallas muntognas (It) Delle nostre Alpi Qui siamo a casa È qui il nostro cuore Il canto dei monti

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