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Scammer Somebody eh Police is your friend oh.SCAMMER

Bail is free till you enter.SCAMMER Hello baby have you sent it .SCAMMER I swear I dey my period .SCAMMER Vote for me, I go build road .SCAMMER For Instagram Dem dey fine oh .SCAMMER Oh no Iye. .SCAMMER See, if you enter Lagos make you call me .SCAMMER Chai! 9pm e never pick oh .SCAMMER Drop your Aza, I go send am .SCAMMER Heh, Efe see me in my office .SCAMMER I can never cheat on you oh .SCAMMER You be scammer... SCAMMER I be scammer... SCAMMER See, Thief Maggi them go beat you .SCAMMER Thief billions, Dem go hail you .SCAMMER Yoruba Demons Dem be wetin?...SCAMMER I say them be wetin?...SCAMMER Lekki girls na wetin?...SCAMMER See, Take it easy it's my first time... SCAMMER Na only the cap I go put oh... SCAMMER You dey owe landlord but you buy car... SCAMMER Haha, Children are leaders of tomorrow... SCAMMER You be my man crush everyday... SCAMMER In other words if she ask 30 billion for make up, be quick don't hesitate... SCAMMER Never the less, all girls are the same so no matter how much she love you, chairman you go pay... SCAMMER Over the years, I've seen lekki school girls mature into fully grown... SCAMMER Professional Scamists... Top Notch Systematically gaining your cash Coincidentally positioning themselves at vantage point and accidentally you fall in the trap Unexpected, you start telling yourself she is the one Oga relax na scam... SCAMMER Open your eyes, Tactically relocate yourself and run for your life Because if mistakenly you fall for her lies, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically, She go fuck up your life BEWARE... SCAMMER

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