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Now tell me is it done Their filthy plan they're making for your way So deep asleep you just think

that you wake up every day You walk you run run You're standing in one place Feel like shouting but a quiet smile Melts on your face They control millions, we're surviving Don't give up The thing is true fight can never stop You gotta move, move, move Show them it's enough Move! We gotta move, move! Move! We gotta move, move! They own the power But they forever lost the groove They can buy the world But they can never own you There's too many of us Just to stand aside to hide, so blind Us is millions, and just a few of them All they do is destroy us! Don't fool around for just another day Prove you're not the one to break away Walking out the circle now you're not the one who's sad about Leaving those who lead your road astray In the end everyone will get the bill to pay What we do and who we are What we left behind so far The things in us from which we run away Like a water Break the rock and make your way Never them listen to the lies they're telling you Deep inside is all you need to know They will fall down, their time is coming to an end Whole ground will be changing The truth will remain and no lie one will dare to say Be aware now of deceiving

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