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Light! There's so many things we wrote and said out loud, But none of them were meant to change ourselves and how

We don't seem to keep the pace with what is real And the pain doesn't seem to heal... Keep yourself moving, there's no safe place to stay, Mesmerized faces you will meet along the way, surrounded by darkness, you're born to move, drawn by the light! The only thing I know is that the time will come, when the whole world will change, and I'm not the only one, It is within us where the struggle takes place, Inside out breaks the freedom of the human race, drawn by the light! There's so much of the past in the now, And there are no words to explain nor to show you how, Overwhelmed in silence, you'll breath in, close your eyes and break away... Who we become? Where we belong? How comes we live the biggest lie for so long? Inside us sleeps the way out, Refusal of betrayal, The hidden truth shines out before us Layer by layer! Soon to be done We will and we can Ignore all the madness It can't divide us from The One! Whom we belong? Whom we'll return? Out of the darkness into the light Which made us strong!

No translations availableNo translations available
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