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Oi Skepta Dont go in saying that you never phoned me telling me im your favourite artist, Thats why you wanted to clash.

Yo skepta Dont talk shit are you crazy You cant come to my area 2015 got scarier Fuck off with'ya malaria Dont talk shit about me and my situation With ya bullshit instigation The informing allegation got sorted for if your gunna send for me If your gunna say something send for me properly Saying shit everybody knows already You took my flows already And i heard that he said im at a hundred shows already. Your lucky that dizzle kid never bust ya nose already I heard your send, you say that im nasty but Everybody knows already Im a dirty bastard go and ask Jenny. When ya talk about man showing face in my video but yet still you dont wanna show yours. Why do you wanna see my peoples faces what the fuck do you get up to behind close doors. You sound worse than you did years ago A rematch and a clash I'll merk you bro ...

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