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Denzel Curry

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Ronny J, listen up I am the one Don't run your tongue

Don't need a gun to get respect upon the street Under the sun, the bastard son Will pop the Glock, to feed himself and family By any means your enemies, my enemies We wet them up like a canteen The yellow tape surrounds the fate Don't have a face, so now you late Open the gates Great, a eliminate like ElimiDate Hey, young boy had to penetrate Face, young boy done caught a case Bang, that was mama living with the pain Wait, doctor says he's gonna stay That don't get the best of me so he gon' generate Now a nigga harder than the head of the state Denzel Curry is the new candidate Ultimate, alternate, you are the opposite Stop this shit chop your esophagus ('sophagus) Bitches be bopping it bow down and popping it, dropping it in her esophagus ('sophagus) She get so nasty in public, she classy Perhaps she is able to swallow it Girl I can make you a star, then I put her ass on Apollo bitch Bitch I am ultimate, behold my awesomeness Narcissist part time an arsonist (flame) Ripping through cartilage, I am the hardest bitch Wrap it up put in sarcophagus (damn) Dearly departed It's done when it started, so now that I'm living so harminous Feeling like Spartacus Curry the ultimate, I am the best there's no politics (bitch I'm ultimate)

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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Synced byAmmy Verma
Translated byLisandro Lor
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