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Religion's believers threatening, Jihad, holy war They're praying to their God, his help to implore Ireland and Beirut, it's all war in God's name

In the Middle East, the reason's just the same Lenin, Marx, beg at Pot Pol, Cambodia lies in ruins Across Tiananmen square, young bodies lie strewn Tanks rolled through Hungary, Czechoslovakia too Crushing all the people, they're all equal, is that true? The U.S. in Vietnam, cost so many young lives Now El Salvador feels capitalism's knives Who was it killed Kennedy, Luther King, and many more FBI, CIA say Oswald and Ray, but can we be sure? Hitler and his friends, they killed six million Jews For an Aryan super race, no right for us to choose How many died?, to save the world, to keep it free But now the rich ride out and rape the last of the green You talk to me of Lucifer, say Satan's to blame But all the wars we fought, were fought in God's name You think I worship the devil, but that ain't true 'Cos the evil that exists, is the evil that men do For those who have ears to hear, hear this Satanism's just allegory, there's no obscene kiss 'Cos the Devil don't exist, I wonder about God too If he allows men to do, the evil that men do

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