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It's an honor to go on an expedition with you, Admiral Peary. It's men like you who've made this country great.

It's men like you who'll keep it great. All sails set, Admiral. Thank you, Mr. Henson. This is my First Officer, Mr. Matthew Henson. Good evening. Welcome aboard. What's that? In the distance? Such a ghostly glow. They're called rag ships. Immigrants from every cesspool in Western and Eastern Europe. Most of them become very Patriotic Americans. They're your future customers. My people were also brought here on ships. Good watch, Henson. You're a brave man, whoever you are. Coming so far, expecting so much. A salute to the man On the deck of that ship! A salute to the immigrant stranger. Heaven knows why you's make Such a terrible trip. May your own god protect you from danger. Is it freedom or love That you pray for In you guttural accent? Too late, long gone. A salute to a fellow Who hasn't a chance. Journey on. If people ask, how old are you? I don't answer. Your name? No name. Where your mother is? Dead. This is my father. He speaks fo both of us. This is my father. He speaks for both of us. Is that other ship going back home? No, no. America is our home now. America is our shtetl. Amekhaye khlebn. Look. Someone is waving. Where is he going? He's a fool on a fool's journey. You depart on a ship From a country like this. Why on earth would you want to Be leaving? was it something you lost That you suddenly miss? Are you angry, Or possibly Grieving? Do you see in my face What you've lost, sir? Are you moved by the death ship We sail upon? Well, perhaps you're a man Who's in search of his heart. Journey on. Journey on. Two ships passing In the kinship Of the darkness- One going from- One coming to- America Two men meeting At the moment Of a journey. For a moment, In the darkness, We're the same... And what of the people Whose boundaries chafe, I salute you, My friend Who marry so bravely And end up so safe? May you Find what You need I will be journeyin Here, my love, As you go As you go As you go Journeying Journeying Journeying On the sea. On the sea On the sea. We're two ships passing At a distance, Through the darkness, One going from... One coming to... ...America. Strangers sharing The beginnings Of a journey I salute you! God be with you! I will miss you... In the Darkness Of the dawn- Journey on!

No translations availableNo translations available
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