LyricsA Dream

David Choi

Last update on: July 26, 2017
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One night I had a dream that everyone was happy High fives, and people laughing drinking having good times Food for all, games to play, everyone, everyday

Hot air balloons, soar into the sky as pillow clouds roll by And butterflies go flapping to the rhythm of the happy vibes Sun shining, birds flying, melodies, and sacred breeze People really knew the meaning of peaceful All the young and old, everyone was jumping in the swimming pool At last, relaxed, its all so perfect Then I woke up, and looked outside the window for a sunrise Rain is falling, a gloomy kind of day, doesn’t feel so right But she yawns next to me, its love that I see, I do believe this life is a dream

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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Translated byDi Dika
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