LyricsMorning Girl

Daniel Padilla

Last update on: July 22, 2017
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Mornin girl, howd ya sleep last night? Youre sevral ages older now Your eyes have started showin how

The little girls growin now Mornin girl, was that you last night? Crying on the radio Beggin for a way to go To go back where love wasnt jumbled so Oh, no, things are different now than they were before You know love is more than kisses A whole lot more Mornin girl, put your dreams away And read your box of Cheerios And powder-puff that pretty nose And go out and find your man where the wild wind blows Mornin girl Morning girl Where you been so long Your lips have got some color now A little too much color now And your clothes have gone from nylon to lace somehow Morning girl Morning girl Now you've been around I see you haven't found your man The diamond's on the other hand Well a man is hard to find In a woman's land Oh don't let too many tears Wash away your dreams Just tell yourself that nothing matters But be prepared 'Cause someday girl You'll forget my name And all I ever said to you And all I've ever meant to you Now Katherine's getting up And I've got things to do Oh, morning girl

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