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Record Jock Dana Dane

Never gonna let you fade away, away Dana Dane Never gonna let you fade away, away Dana... [ INTRO ] Full-circle, 360 degrees Dane My style will live forever, my fame will be maintained Now some can't feel this, and some feel can't that But all can feel a track that's produced by Battlecat So gather round and listen to my non-fiction The picture will come clearer than a Sony television This ain't about dissin, this is all fact Women on my nuts cause my vocals makin cash [ CHORUS ] (The Rapper Dana Dane, what time is it?) She's on the record's jock, she doesn't love me (The Great Dana Dane, what time is it?) She's just stressin my fame and my money [ VERSE 1 ] I'm bustin this one for Bridget, the hoe I met at the Emmaco pumpin the petrol into her five point o I wanted her because she looked like Janet Jackson Caramel complexion, sportin sexy fashion "Hello, how you're doin?" I said, "they call me Dane" "I could learn to love your flavor, hon, hey, what's your name?" She had nothin for me, totally ignored me High-sided, took it like she never saw me - cool So I tried again: "What up! How you're feelin?" Was a hot and humid day, but I felt a cold chill I figured, let me step before I have to diss her That's when I overheard her girlfriend try to whisper (Oh, I know him from somehwere - oh, that's Dana Dane! I saw him last week, he performed on _Soul Train_) Now honey flipped the script like Sybill "You're not the Rapper Dana Dane with fame, is you? Ooh, I like your records, ooh, you're the man Ooh, you're so fine, I'm your number one fan" Now she knows that I'm the Dane, all of a sudden I'm accepted Ridin on my nuts cause I'm pumpin out hit records [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 2 ] Next I peeped this honey at the bar scopin the Dane hard Loud, money proud, yo, I knew her hoe card Native New Yorker, Brooklyn fast-talker Big jewelry-sporter, sippin Johnny Walker She bought me this drink, she's flashin her cash She passin me hints like she wanna give me the ass I avoided her because I knew her man Pedro She said (Dana, fuck him, let's talk about your stage show!) You? well, there ain't no brother brother Hands on my pants, woulda yoked it if I let her She was gettin tippsy, dancin like a gypsy Seen her before, but never knew she was this frisky Tried to break lips, but she wasn't tryin to have it Playin me close like? metal to a magnet Then she shouted: "Dane, I can't wait to get you naked!" Ridin on my nuts cause I'm pumpin out hit records [ CHORUS ] [ VERSE 3 ] Now last but not least, let me tell you 'bout Judy Baaya with the tattas, booya with the booty A cutie with a juicy fat coochie Felt it was my duty to make her sing like Suzy ? 'Cha-ya-ya-ya...' - recall the flavor? >From the first album that the Dane ever gave ya Anyway, no more delay, she was a hard nut to crack Kicked the rap like a mack, but she wouldn't give me jack But still she's in my grill everytime that she sees me Askin (When you're comin with that new fat release?) Well, I seen her 'bout a weak about, I told her 'bout a week or so "Wouldn't you like to be in Dana Dane's video?" Now she started clickin, dissed her in addition Comin to my crib for the private audition Again the same game, just a different scenario Ridin on my nuts to play a part in my video Must be the music That's makin her flip Must be the music Must be the music [ CHORUS ]

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