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Last update on: October 1, 2018
Lionel Paz suggested changes to these lyrics.

I hope you listen closely Girl, don't act like you still know me Tellin' lies to all your friends You know the truth is that you want me, want me[?] Are in me, you are in me[?] yeah Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Are in, are in[?] Ooh I'm taking longer than ever 'cause I love writin' new stuff Uncomplicated communication, just settin' me up I'm up and comin', I'll never stop runnin', givin' it up I fell in love with the plan, I'm never makin' it up [?] money that I found in my bank stashed [?] where you wanna go Just follow the noise and we can start up the show

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Synced byDada Dada
Translated byBia Monteiro

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