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If it's already me, i'm so much weaker than i can comprehend and man i miss my friend. If it's already me, i wake up gripping the skin that you buried me in, Dear friends for the help you've been i'll write the words of the last time i am breathing in

and for the years that i hate myself, and you can burn with each other's souls in hell, i am but a shadow of myself, and it helps. It's me i found, it's already me i can feel in the gorund. Mother is it peace i've found, mother is it over now. and will i get to see my friend, i'm so much waker than i can comprehend, i'd give everything i give in. Don't help me. I'm just a shadow of myself. How your troubles, they're leading me out of here, is it over now, my dear. How my body sways, nothing but the cold outside would let my eyes see straight, and it was freezing for summer, i couldn't let it in, and i guess nothing in this life exists quite long enough to live.

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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Translated byLilia Delle Rose
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