Last update on: February 25, 2018
#together against coronavirus

Pagan baby, won't you walk with me? Pagan baby, come on home with me Pagan baby, take me for a ride

Roll me, baby, roll your big, brown eyes Yeah, ooh Pagan baby, make me make your name Drive it, baby, drive your big love game, oh Pagan baby, what you got I need Don't be savin', spread your love on me Aaah, ah, ha, ha Mm-mm-mm Pagan baby, now won't you rock with me? Pagan baby, lay your love on me Yes, ah, ah, yeah Aaah Ah, ah Hey, hey Aaah Hey Aah Hey! Hey! Hey!

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Synced byEmanuel Peña
Translated byEvandro Sergio

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