LyricsMasked Jackal


Last update on: October 26, 2017
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I saw his face, on every channel His slogans in all the papers I heard people, repeat his words I saw them shouting, his flag in their hands I saw him making promises I heard him talk about life But I saw his fingers too They were crossed behind his back Darling... of the TV screen Manipulator... of the purse strings Master... of the spoken words Jackal... with connections Worshipped... by the masses Leader... with ulterior motives (All talk and no do) (Is neither a good offense or defense) (Get with it boys and girls) (Your house needs to be put in order too) His slate, clean as snow Covers over his dark past To be in league with workers Pictures he loved to see But I read in his eyes Promotion... reality He played his part to the end Shot... leaving a shambles

2 Translations available2 Translations available
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Translated byAmir Hajian

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