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Last update on: February 1, 2020
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People always askin me for keys Until you fit your knees you won't be free Go to god our father not deceased

In his presence only place to be Pray hard when ya flesh is weak In ya mouth there's power in the tongue You ain't gotta fear ain't gotta run Stand firm leaning on the son You get saved the battle just begun Fake christians they gone talk about you Only mission is to destroy you Take you off ya pivot you can't let em Holy Spirit need you for a second This atmosphere is ready for your presence Politics my God ain't worried bout em Snatched the Lord name outta schools Now these babies lives ain't safe Generation curse about to break Keep the lawn cut you'll see the snakes Know the devil always gonna fake All these people always in my face Ask a question they don't say a a thang What you talkin you don't even know Know the lord sending blessings tho Stiff armed the last demon tested me Hurdled over every obstacle I received God my quarterback I'm steady catching blessings So anointed demons want a interception Rather see me in a box or in corrections I ain't pitchin woo I ain't even wit it Dear lord yea you holding me up Got my back and I'm standin like what I got the keys

No translations availableNo translations available
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