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Chill Bump

Andrea Ianniello submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?

Where I'm from, clubs are for losers, country bums, clueless youngens n' cougars, drunk dudes, dummies n'whores, and who the fuck fucks with the music? Clowns know the bouncer High five G. They're showing off tats in their tight white Tee. They've been to the gym and hope dimes might see, like《 Which bitch ain't down to fuck guy like me? 》And bitches got them bimbo looks. Men gone push then throw hooks to get up in a nympho's bush... Uh! These silly jerks are real alert, finna flurt with any girl with curves that twerks in a mini skirt... Shit's too predictable: It's quarter passed two and ain't shit to do, cause every bar's closed... I just laugh and shrug, and head to that one wack ass club Refrain)/ Club night: Spot is fucking packed, hotties looking dumb, bopping to the tracks, drunk fools queue up to cop another jack... Me? I'm judging everybody from the back(and the beat goes on...)/ Here's what I can put up with: Rookie Djs and that pull up shit. Pull up...) Pull up, shit... It's been a minute and you should have quit, with that very fake vibe, I think you should never play live. We've heard family affair from Mary J Blidge... twentyeight times... I suggest you play Fela, play Nas, some merry J-five! Surprise the folks... I really don't get it. Nobody wanna hear hits and radio edits... and you ain't spinning no records. Your phoney mp3 mix, it ain't getting no credit... I just wanna sip brew, but every other bar's closed and I ain't shit to do... So I put up with it, I just laugh and shrug... and spend the night in this wack ass club I might vomit and trip, I might fall in a ditch. I've got a wife at home but I might follow a bitch. Why fall in a trap? Why always get pissed? Why drink one last drink... I ought to resis and I've gotta admit it, I like swallowing cris, but why bother buy a bottle of piss, for five dollars a sip? Why empty my wallet for this? I'll always end up wanting more like Oliver Twist. Spending twenty minutes, frustrated, waiting in line... ( It's just a waste of time) You think you bout to get in, but the bouncer won't make up his mind... ( It's just a waste of time) Spending half your paycheck to get a drink with a friend ( It's just a waste of time) You bought a shirt to get in, but know you'll never wear it again ( It's just a waste of time)

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