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Last update on: April 30, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Lalalala Lalalala la Lalalalala la

Lalalalala Lalalala la Pictures in my head Driving me insane Face with a gun My heart dey tell me to run Face with a gun My heart dey tell me to run Bilder im mein Kopf Mache mich Verrückt Jäden Tag, jäden Nacht Jäden Tag, jäden Nacht It started when we where both 10yrs We couldn't stay a day without seen ourselves We played games table tennis montal combat & shares just 2 mention a few of tha bond that we shared yeah IN high school we fell inlove with desame Beautiful girl from that moment jealousy killed love Homies from desame block choiristers Damn in desame church hardcore Shorty was a player. She likes both of us Fairytale i hear say frog swallowed cock Boys will always be boyz so on his birthday bought him a gift and I Said whats up Am cool he replied you know I love u blood thats what's up end Of drama I thought Never know say my friend don Turn serpent Friday night we get party to attend never realised that night could be my End Drinking Alemo like usual follow me go piss guy before I know kala sound krakrakrakra She be think say na love Flowers & Pears follow Before she knows punna Don soak count silies and hold pillows Few months later. close ur eyes sweetheart And guess what? Babe boo STOP playing. you know i love YOU. waohh am impressed we are blessed am carying ur child Wetin she see na Red eyes Guyman change city and phone number 9 months gone by she gave birth 2 A beautiful girl All alone she tried 2 raise her child Mama turn okpo everynight She hit de road 2 hustle Ego She need Food on tha table One ungodly night Ritualists take her life Daughter grew up in the street Became a criminal Begin Rob from CITY to city Bring de money or your life Unknown sturborn dad was shot Na so papa take die Karma WHAT Goes around comes around A legend Fela Anikulakpo kuti His life was a movie The man that Saw the future and tried 2 stop the Vultures He rides for his culture His songs was a lecture AParents wanted him to be a doctor But fell inlove with drums and chords Born with silverspoon but never wana groove With da crooks Faught for his Right & Lost his mom to unknown soldiers Was incarcerated the next thing we here Freedom fighter was dead

No translations availableNo translations available
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