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Sometimes I copy Poppy But I ain't dumb My own made songs are floppy

And hers are the bomb Bitch please Mind your step Come closer And you'll be dead Listen to what I say: Slay, bitch, slay. Now it's time to rap Don't know what to say Wear a swag cap But don't forget to slay Slay, slay, slay, bitch, slay I don't earn my money cause' I am a quin My make-up's always stunning better than Gwen I like potatoes but they don't like me what the hell I'm saying? Let's drink some tea now it's time to dance don't know what to say give me one more chance but don't forget to slay slay, slay, slay, bitch, slay Slaying is a type of motivation for a man Honey everyone wants to see if you can slay, slay, slay, honey or you'll get banned Sausage raw, sausage canned Do you really wanna know what's in my bra? B, R, A, B, R, A, bra paper, paper, bitch we call it cash. money, money, money can't buy happiness Okay, good job, You wanna slay? you wanna, you wanna. slay, slay, slay, bitch, slay slay, slay, slay, bitch, slay Okay! slay, slay, slay, bitch, slay, slay, slay, slay, bitch, slay.

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Translated byMuhammad Farros
These lyrics have been translated into 2 languagesThese lyrics have been translated into 2 languages

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