LyricsThe Perfect Love Song

Charles the French

Last update on: July 12, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Meeting you was amazing Your eyes were shining Let's start a life together

Memories that last forever I feel it, you're the one You're my life, my home run Follow me and you will see A new life I guarantee So let's do the unknown Strengthen our backbones Do something that's new Bid classic adieu I'm going to tell you What I wanna do with you Oh I want to kill someone with you I wanna kill someone with you You and I will be happy Cuz in jail the rent is free There's more things I want to do And I want to do them all with you Yeah yeah Well, you didn't see that coming Sorry if it's surprising Now I'm going to marry you Then ruin that life of yours It turns out I'm a bad guy So I'll understand if you cry This love is so complex So get ready for what's next Cuz next you'll be depressed Cuz I'm not the best I can't give you what you deserve But now it's too late We are the mistakes What can I give you in return? Oh I know, I'll kill yourself for you Yeah I'm gonna kill yourself for you Seems like the right thing to do I wanna beat my wife with you I wanna deal some drugs with you I wanna buy weapons with you Then I wanna bomb this world with you Oh I want to do it all with you Yeah I wanna do it all with you I'll put my hands on your neck Then I'll strangle you to death I will take you to heaven On September 11th I wanna kill the jews with you I wanna slave people with you My love for you is so true Oh Eva Braun, I love you

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