LyricsInto the Black

Catch 22

Last update on: July 29, 2019
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[ Verse 1 ] This can't be real only imagination Running wild in you

I can see the signs writings on the wall It's coming home This is my world dripping with pain Bring it home for you Once you have seen it You wont be the same Cause here comes the pain [ Chorus ] Agony and ecstasy Showing signs of lunacy Once you're gone you can't come back Journey to hell into the black Trapped inside your twisted mind Pain of the killing kind Waiting for you they're waiting for you Into the black [ Verse 2 ] This is your life tortured frustration Running all through you You can't find your way You've been led astray It's coming back These are my sins They're all that I have Bring'em home for you Nevermind my friend don't you feel bad Cause your time is soon [ Chorus ] [ Bridge ] Eyes are open wide But what do you see? Is it real? Or is it fantasy? Illusion of your mind Apparition of some kind Phantasmagoria Into the black you wont be back Images are bending Transcending [ Verse 3 ] Dripping illusions Soaking your soul Drowning the light And takes all control Burning your thoughts Igniting your fear Distorting the sound Of all that you hear in your mind [ Outro ] Agony ecstasy screaming insanity Roaring inside your head Trapped in a palace of pain Cannot be the same Look where this path has led Screaming but noone hears Caged inside your fear Leaving this world behind Into the darkend mist Does this really exist Or is it just your mind? Waiting for you Waiting for you Waiting for you Into the black

No translations availableNo translations available
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