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Carnival of Flesh

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Last update on: November 5, 2021
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On the reach of the fifth kingdom An ominous darkness surrounds the road My legion froze, completely lifeless

As my breath is getting cold What is this force? Where am I now? Who is denying my flaming crown? Where is the road? Where did it go? I can′t feel the rocks below Show yourself to me! In this night there is nothing that's bright And I barely see the ashen light An eclipse of the face protrudes from the dark This ghastly face I recognise How can this be? My eyes disagree But standing right here, in front of me Is the Eternal Queen with a face so pale And her eyes shut tight behind a veil "Never again" Were the only words (that) she said As she opened her eyes, I was consumed By the sheer absence of humanity Two vortices arise Revealing the darkness where her soul used to be Such a glorious sight excites me Beyond my grasp of reality Her icy skin sending chills from within Was she really once my enemy? I hold her tight while my flame shines bright And her soul consumes all of the other light For a while there was no sound Just a black sun high above the ground Lightning splits the skies Unites the power in our eyes Fires ignite our breath We transcend life and death Her presence makes me feel like I could burn the world We shall rule as the ageless tyrants in the everlasting afterworld Perpetual cries of the baseborn are the hymn to our joint reign With disdain we shall wipe the life off this horrid astral plane Never again Will you be left out of my plan Never again! I will lead you to conquer worlds What is this force? Who am I now? Who is this jewel inside my crown? What is this soul? Where does it go? This vile feeling I can′t control The flames burn so cold, but the frostbite is hot United we're stronger than we thought With our powers combined we will end all the lives Of the breathing scum that's still alive All must die! Pray for all to die!

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