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Carnival of Flesh

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Last update on: November 5, 2021
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The stars are falling, the sky is burning, the end seems to be nigh Every living creature is trembling, praying soon to die The fire is spreading through the lands as a symbol of his reign

There′s nothing left but tantalising pain, will it ever end? "As a servant in my kingdom you will need no soul So let it bleed and embrace the darkness while I take control Let mercury into your veins and may sulphur be your breath For when it's done you won′t be afraid of death, ever again" 'Cause when they're dead They rise again The torture never ends They′re screaming For generations his rotten hordes executed terrors untold Blasphemous prophecies were true: he′s never getting old! Blessed with immortality and a mind set on sin With sardonic wrath his hate is burning deeply from within Appropriation of seven kingdoms Is the only dream he ever had His merciless fleet manned by lead-filled corpses Is ready to cross the sea of blood Sea of blood Sea of blood Non-conforming! Dominantly marching forth, he's reaching his goal The unquestioned rule of the macrocosm as whole Scorching the grounds and blazing is his campaign His constitution only recognises pain Never-ending pain

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