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Carnival of Flesh

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Last update on: November 5, 2021
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Out of the silence A voice begins to preach Saying he′s the man that

Will change everything His vision of future In which he will not bow But rule the others As he tries doing now Setting foundation For this new economy Was none other Than killing his enemies Now he faces their mighty ghosts As they haunt him on through the night Making him want to die We know you plead For the destruction and war We know you grieve Grieve for your soul We feel deeply That you're afraid of tomorrow We′ll hear your screams Unless you end this terror Go away you silhouettes You are but the fairy queens! I ruined your existence I'll ruin your resting peace! You better think Of what you're saying, you old man! How dare you Confront the spirits of the dead? Now we′ll enslave Both you and your men You all shall face The eternal judgement! Seize them! Take them away! Now you′ll face The judge - our eternal queen You better beg for mercy Or be doomed for eternity! I will beg no one! Not you, nor the "queen"! You all better beg me To kill you instantly! Oh no, how can this be? His power is overwhelming me... Run my allies... Run... Destroy all, men! Destroy everything! No one can stop us We've got eternity! Thank you, dear fairies For immortalising me! Now I can doom mankind For all eternity!

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