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Mook is you ready baby Total Slaughter y'all ready King of harlem, motherfuckers, I don't entertain opinions There will be no more victory saving victims

Wish him well, judges And all the pain and mission that came to aid the missing I don't lose to these lost niggas attempting Only thing you gonna take is attendance You just an intermission, I'm on a mission It makes a difference, it was written 2010 that 'Watch Me Work' video, I gave you the premonition But this what sipping get you for gifting Forgot you was scheduled for demolition Addictions is no good for niggas when in the trenches How you wake up an intervention, laying in intensive Current position I'm beating you on the numbers Math did it, now Eminem is, he in addition He gave you a word problem you can't solve How your mind is going to multiply with this add out for your division, get the vision 2 But this ain't the first time You getting your head split in collisions Damn homie, on those Smack DVD's you was the man homie What the fuck happened to Mook Y'all saw him in there with Iron Your opponent was white and the punches was hardly striking The other thing enticing It felt like I was watching the last performance from Iron… Mike in the ring or Mook good to retire Your story book ending looked better at the pilot Flying higher in a sun lilt sky, I thought you warmed up nigga Just knew you couldn't beat a phone book in a dryer Yup yup, I got new hair cut and I'm acting up Aye, but look at you though… now look at Lux Yeah, and all my niggas look rich as fuck I'm 2 Chainz, you can hold the antics, show theatrics Danger I detect, no trench coats with the badges I had to protect my neck Let the confused inspect the deck looking for gadgets I'm jacked in, I'm like an old soul fashion from back when I bought eighties babies from money making Manhattan What happened Fly rugged niggas, Aladdin2 You thinking capped, missed the whole hat trick Disappeared younging in his wonder years Money bunny ears pull out on you It's fucking magic, like Coco you never had it This just might fuck a friendship up To put something up in the cabinets Oh, we just rapping Lux, they want another classic Bullshit, nigga, they want another casket I see you like to play games But you ain't never seen it this graphic I'm at you, get down with a grave digger I beef with as far back as when BET tape Tyga In that same picture known niggastook a whole coat off you Not a drop of paint thinner Ain't this a… not even a picture hang with ya Why incomplete make compete no audible wanna eat I'd rather rap like a preacher than act like a priest What's with the ass grabbing You boys lost me, you Mr Cheeks Wasn't Phara a dot Now there ain't no chick in a fleet. But you could leave it to a woman to know how these niggas sleep Was your west side man slipping you DayQuil Let me find out, he was one of those 20 niggas in the showers Waiting to Jae Mill No credit office, you'll take a deal though to pay a bill You admit it you did it for the money, you a profit puppet You got corrupted and your stock deducted Been dry humped through your career You know who not to fuck with Y'all all drunk in the public, the other niggas is ducking They all getting shocked and snuffed in they run-ins How y'all functions function proper Your brats are more punches than broadway rocky numbers I don't knock you niggas but god dammit They thought lollipops was suckers Know the fuck they stuck by ya The Ruff Ryder in the lane with the truck tire I drove all the way from Jersey with this arsenal I got out of K-Camp It's nothing to uppercut a bitchup I bust drivers Right in they mouth, you going to jail now Or the dirt delivery like a hearse You gonna get it the worst, my nigga, but not the first Mase ain't the only murderer that ended up in the church You a whore, what this nigga know about war That's just some shit he had on yesterday or the day before You'll be another dead homie Aye, the crypt keeper said he blew it Cause he never read up on me Tonight you niggas with rhymes learn Wise words for any who got nerve Don't be another Murda Mook here on this live serve I will ball up side your head till your side burns Rip him all over the street like wide turns This where the tide turns sharp I'm parked at the job stalk back harder than aardvark Onslaught, man to man this nigga's a dog walk On second thought, you the opposite actually Get me, you pussy; that's chinese fortune Gonna be cookie everywhere when this cat meet with me My wrath dark, bath salts, thinking he mad smart My shop right, I got a super marketing plan, his path marked Mook, you couldn't shine in my war boots My son need food for his mind, I'm who he talk to They got me feeling like the man when I walk through We can't just listen to any one that y'all give the floor to But when we need a nigga to mop we'll call Mook I will battle anyone on the card with this hand of Jesus Tell that nigga don't ever throw rocks at the sun He can't reach it. Work, nigga Against Calicoe we was loving it. But now though, I think I speak for me and a whole list of others when I tell you we done got sick and tired of your mumbling We in a situation perpetrated and delegated by the mother ship and all this other shit, nigga, shut your lips You think we fucking with that righteous bullshit when niggas mothers were out here struggling And y'all let him diss niggas for hustling I'll tell you what, the same day niggas like us stop selling illegal substances Will be the same day Magic Johnson can get on TV and tell Donald Sterling to suck his dick But now for these bars I'm tucking in, wait, you be a bitch See Lux, we dead animals But, we eclipse the battle rap Peterless But cap, peep the twist, I hope you gave your sun kiss Cause I'm about to show you I'm done with trying to come to grips with bottling up all this two leader shit So the fans wanted the old Murda The dew rag laced, sad to cake, straight old Murda While your naked eyes going to have to bare witness to his whole murder Mask on, glove, I ain't leaving no trace I'm about to bring y'all champ pain And it's gonna be a cold case May I purpose a toast Hey, congrats and clap I put tubes in this dick head like a catheter I propel him to a massacre Long chopper; this bitch hold 32 passengers All this fake teaching you preaching, niggas done had enough Cause you a false prophet, money, you don't be adding up For example, he rapped how he used to battle on the roof And the loser had to jump That was cute, but in real life, I had to battle for the stoop And the losers had to pump See we slave for this white, boy That cotton out here in the field Lux You know how that feel, Lux Baby moms is a nuisance and you up to your neck in bills, Lux I know for a fact you know cats who sold crack and woke trapped in the court system I wonder if you tell some of your friends they lost niggas But speaking of lost niggas in court systems, lord forgive him But his right hand man Sam, damn, that was a travesty. I heard the DA jogged his memory so fast he was losing calories They had him sketching pictures of niggas Like he was in an art gallery I heard when Sam sung he indicted the whole galaxy But don't be mad at me, check it I ain't clocking his track record I'm just baton waiting, I'm relating what's coming back to me Actually since this his show I wanna borrow something from Eminem Roll camera me and this Lux theme was iminitent Cut scene, it is too obscene to vision Not personal, all these productions are dividends I just came to snatch the perk off this senior citizen Not a senior citizen, but a scene ya sit us in We olympians so like the high jump Putting your back on the floor is goal So when that heat point, back up, cause my demeanor is cold When that heat point, back up, cause my demeanor is cold Wait a god damn minute The Heat point back up sounds like to me Norris Cole I bring him Oklahoma Thunder, he talking we tear his block up Soon as he chant the rant he gonna hear that semi bakka Jack son for his big face, I ain't talking twenty dollars He getting cooked right in front of y'all, welcome to Benihana Now let me be Chiro-practical and take a crack back at Cal I'm just asking how, wow, me and my pals laughed at Lux chokes so loud it was hard to breathe I felt like Moses cause that was me and my whole staff's favorite part to see Pardon me for being type hurt When I did the site search you questioning my worth If you wanna fight first then let's get it Knife work, get ripped like a tight shirt when you stretching it Pipe burst, nigga, you light work like electricians Take your hands off your hips, nigga, listen What happened to the Lion's Den Kid Capri said you stalled to pay him Every week there was more delaying You either pay me or walk away that was the ultimatum You told him well walk away then But Kid ain't even fought to blame him Cause he knew since you on the cam a lot You'd be dragging your feet a lot, so of course you'd slay him Though you had the battles in bulk Like the Incredible Hulk you had a mean run But it was Kid that gave you the juice, sweety You was Capri's son When you rapping why do you pile up your syllables And try to distort niggas mental views—hype an hyphening and hyphening—I'm not dissing you It's just a fact that when you rap like that it's not visual You take a phrase real simple And then you make it real difficult There's a difference between lyrical and just rhyming a bunch of word niggas really ain't trying to listen to You think you tricked them dudes, but nigga's been knew what you been getting to So you fucking up our Christmas too Cause the surprise is petty So look at it like this: what good is having a gift rapping if the the recipients know what's inside already See it was you who dissed us For selling guns and toting Glocks It's safe to say, you David Blane; you put yourself in a box Cause now if he try to rap hard, saying well they only bars It's still against what he believe in, he'll be depicted as a fraud So what's your card Mook, that verse was shaky. It's looking the fortune tellers accounts ain't had no where to count How a nigga tell you your career gonna be on fire one day And leave out the part where you standing right in front of the dragon's mouth I'll drag you out those schemes and things you been acting out Attack me how Personally your lyrically traffic along the route But this where your delivery start looking like carry-out Puff had you out to dinner after that bout That shit had my boy thinking he bad And that's exactly what got him in daddy's house I go straight to work on him, graveyard shift You on a reality show When in all reality you nothing like what's based in the script Example, our last battle, right Did you bring them two chicks It wouldn't make you good since I mean you had 50-11 racks But a nigga face in the mac, all make up shit What about a good amount of sense then You the same dumbfounded look when doubt and senseless Navigation system re-routed, you turn your head on the verses you gonna get a around it I got news for ya, you can't hang with a nigga this grounded Your brunched up to get your paint stuffed, I studied your make-up just to see what you looked like without it Get surrounded, you been fraud, you couldn't cut it with the rock and supposed to been a gym star They always begin strong. I click draw right where you company fake when shit end wrong Blood on the leaves, would you believe a nigga get a battle with Lux and forget to breathe They gonna honor this carnage I'll promise the camera's catching your karma My maker, the father, God, the creator and author Made me life's joy Mook I can be a painter or terminator You turning white, boy, watch John Ancrum get Jon Connor'd I'm nicer than your mother's mother with this grammar I'll beat you like Big Momma That drama have you hip-hoping, it's nothing like the genre They'll be rushing to trauma trying to cut through the pajamas Doc trying to clog the blood clot, plug him like a charger Rex squeezing tighter than a muscle shirt from Under Armor You can make it, Murda I do that you gonna be a fucking martyr I don't cut minor, you vagina, bleeding, they trying to hold his jeans in with the big stitching they rap niggas I figured they'd love you in designer You a liar in here with a truth treasurer These embezzlers, this the shit I don't like, Chief I told your editor Em for advancement you're no Chris Hanson Why would you put that girl in the house You'll never catch the predator I remember ya… you was young, you was hot I remember that battle, my nigga, everything you saying And how it sound 10x hot cause you going against the greatest But Mook I do know I'm the greatest you believed in they hype That's why I waited till your shots started fading Then you compared you to Mike Example, there's no wonder You'll never be like when you was younger I got a broad way to play on that, neither you nor Mike was quite the Wizard trying to come back with this old number Lux, what's your take Mook came back to get paid in full And I got a bar for every bump on your face The tapes only show outtakes funny The producers said you could pass for the outbreak monkey It's Houdini, who could see me The niggas brought rounds for the champ, you're up here looking like Boudini I thought it was easy, nigga, how about now I don't get paid to freestyle, that's confusing Where I'm from if you go off the top thats cause you losing Or a lost nigga, I should leave Mook assuming We could've took the battle on the roof Nigga, you right, but you'd probably jump to conclusions Your stuck in the illusion Are you backwards or upside-down Could pick neither one If it's both, you block heads from 116 are gonna need 911 Your mind young dumb, you're doing it for the Vine These niggas getting clipped every second Now doing it for the Vine Rex and Shine skipped to the Lou, where was Ray for For this paper you standing around looking Shiit, I wouldn't wait for banana pudding Nigga this that Charlie Clips grandmama cooking I'll take the base, you take the bait, you a fish This battle should have been on the Food Channel I bought a whole network for this dish Expert with the hit, I'll give it to you anywhere You out of your hemisphere to think me and him is fair I'm a beast, Mook, real shit I don't care how to shuffle the card, nigga Taking out a joker ain't nothing to deal with Where your skills went Where that Mook that was out in Michigan Nigga you ain't clocked in till your watch went to Switzerland You a waste of my mother fucking time nigga And you cutting into your mother's fucking time, nigga Some guy said Lux was an umpire I said what the fuck you talking about He said "nigga, that mean he called you out" Immediately my hands shake I started spilling drinks, dropping the damn plates Now I know what y'all think, y'all think Murda scared straight But fuck no, I'm a bus boy nigga, that mean I can't wait I put this legend on the map to help you understand his landscape. You damn straight I put y'all bitches on Smack; I'm Genie Lamp Ray You went from low to medium to high Even got Buddens on your fan base Now you gotta die It's like getting tricked by a tranny, Lux, it's a man date I can't take smart remarks, I'll let you know that from start You could die from the slightest murmur Cause we whole like the heart But let me show you that Desi' blow It turn your chest all Reggie Noble Vest is on, you let it hold you, let it go I let it fold you Whoever told you my last five W's won't contend Done fucked up the what, why and where Cause you ain't leaving here with a win So how we playing Cause I ethernet Each time I rhyme online I'm Nas to fans. And if you scream you wanna block my stream, well I'll be damned Well damn it almost escaped my sights Word around Harlem he joined the Nation of Radical Isrealites And you study under Brother Polite And you supposed to promote the struggle, the fight But something ain't right Like, in your raps you be pumping all this black power shit but every other word is nigga coming out your lips Now how is this common sense That's preposterous You are more hippo-critical than a dying hippopotamus So your logic is you gon' side against everything you believe in You on your knees sucking dick Trying to follow niggas who leading What you told Hollow was slick, but heres the message I'm leaving: a nigga that's crawling can never criticize a nigga that's leaning You fake ass 5 percenter go find those niggas and ride the bench. Cause right now I'm feeling real cozy with the other ninety five percent If you ever had a conversation with this guy, he reminds you of them fake enlightened niggas that trying to vent Like, "as a black brother we can't follow the white man's motto No, we can not wallow in our sorrow We must cut through it like Zorro We must hold our heads high Cause we come from the essence of the Apollo" You look at him like, "huh" he lean over like… "What I'm really trying to say is: you got five dollars I can borrow" And I see joining that Nation affected the way you write Cause as of lately a lot of your bars is real light See, we both got panthers But the difference is mines ain't bring no blocks It's heavy artillery, Winchester's with the bolt locks No props, I'm talking with this 40/40 scope, ock I can hit you, through your project window, from a boat dock You see the fans, they know you as Loaded, but I know Pop And Pop ain't cared about lost niggas But now irony is crazy cause ever since you turn Loaded you worrying bout everybody's safety Around eight days ago his story came back He had some fire in the works So for U-S to remain independent was my declaration Let me school him, now ain't even an associate Don't you see that P in HD There's more than a couple degrees of separation And y'all don't even notice it So let me put it in black white So y'all can listen to my definition of segregation If I'm in a brother's hood, a dark alley what I'm placed in I'm patient, I'm trying to skin heads But if they got quick legs I'm airing they shins, no races It's basic, keep that thing on tuck He thought it was coup when a nigga threw that K on Lux And if your Klan behind you, they all get white sheets then This Doctor King, so I gotta give you that piece then You buck, I buck back. Ain't it odd we even I'ma trade so much I'ma get charged for treason Hey, see men, I came to murder everything breathing Everybody got to leave I'll leave a hole the size of a fucking bagel in Poppy's seed Don't let your eyes deceive, all of those sketchy looks Gonna get this hawk stuck in your head, it got a catchy Poppy be very swhen you press him with the weapons He be like, "hey beloved, shat did I do Can we talk about this for second" Wait let me get it together… Can I at least apologize for my discretion God damn it, somebody out here give me some direction Why it seem like every time some niggas in jeopardy Their answer become a question Well, since we playing that game, Alex Give me "Not A Man Of His Words" for a hundred thousand Wowzers, I'm about to get some daily double bonus bucks This person ain't verbally agree To the contract after they wrote it up He does the Total Slaughter show, everything gets broken up Come back crying, he needs more money Or he going to hold it up, a back stabbing… No need to finish that, Alex, who is Loaded Lux Mook, I see leading up to this moment You been waiting it strengthens your motivation Maybe that's cause your punk ass congregation been faking their conversation, but they thinking You see any food for thought you contemplate I know they got stake in But tell your sauce, I'm A-1 graded we cater At the table you had a bed up and a setup You know I'm going to go up in here And get this cheese and I'm good but you bout get shredded going through someone greater, he'll get that later But waiter he don't know the order of language is ancient I'm like Michelangelo casing the ceiling of the Sintine Chapel, battles are paintings Nigga you another hanging in my art museum And I'm pulling this cord, nation off, Mook lost in transation How a nigga that nice Can sound this disrespectful when he's explaining But the thang is, Mook, I can care less how you take it Nigga this is breaking news, but fuck it, face it It'll make you famous, nigga, I'm dangerous This new Lux vs Mook is that gangster flick that's your favorite You know the one, Bus Where in the end the good guy never get away in Y'all seen it before, I don't know why your homie is praying Aw man this nigga Ricky running through the alley, Carlito for the train; those niggas got hope for you, but they know you ain't going to make it You know, Mook, I take it this stringing you got along Got moms kids on the ropes Em gave you the world, then let Mars enter the scope I'm God given, when Lux in the art wisdom is woke Bars, filler or jokes you hard liquor and dope With the star shipping approach You not ready, I do what my arch-nemesis won't For those of you partaking in votes that he'll whoop me I'm no killjoy, its all whoopi That's why y'all dread he'll be talking to ghosts It was close they boast Mook, shit Notes I've written and wrote Was condolences and a cards sent to your folks And I quote, we apologize for my guys momma We going give back his coat We know its summertime But we ain't never see John this in the cold You've been chose for a leadership role, that's for sho' But even in real life you ain't even in control The dots all over the place, how you guys in conjunction Rex just battled Daylyt You bumping heads with niggas you bump your guns with These niggas in my circumference Find someone to fine tune this summer or something Get this shit adjusted cause the the game on the line A time-out will do you justice, Mook See, you needed me to chop it up Not about to battle with props coming with Lux Real life issues, y'all got a lot to discuss I believe that y'all bull should real Like Fonsworth Bentley in the same outfit as Puff This is not a good look for us Opening scene, you walk in, drop the projector screen As they go to project to correct everything they done seen Mook, this is the first real rap You put together without a scheme Come on, this shit supposed to be easy We are men, not attention whores I don't care win, lose or draw Daylyt you should never be on stage in your drawers Dawg, this is not a good look for us Rex you gotta stop acting like you armed pushing up on niggas That's like a real T-Rex with arms doing pushups on niggas Then Rex fire back, in all things being fiction Solomon didn't know what big foot's dick smells like But in your personal e-cigarette commercial the whole world saw you knew what Big Foots foot smelt like This is not a good look for us, but it's a good look for lux I'm punching through these verses but hooking you along Mook you didn't catch it, you missed, even with the repetition All I'm really trying to do is show Mook how to make a song Maybe then Ruff Ryders would have kept you as an artist How you starving but they feeding you to the market The Best Buy what I got in store in this department Ain't the first time I see a circle with a dot in it; that's a target Get departed, you fire hydrant try that tenacity You was at Cassidy's neck with You was going at his career we was like Yeah, Mook, make him respect it Then I never forget this I remember the day of that Young Hot battle You beating your chest while playing checkers Cassidy pulled you aside the conversation was threatening The next thing I know you two was doing a record, message How you fake fight, you wresting, when keeping it real and selling your soul for what success is I thought he was hooked, both of y'all was on it But he connected on your dumbass We thought you expected the unexpected Mook, I'm a legend and they loving that, you weak I'm bringing shovels to a shoving match, that's deep Did Lux really choke on stage But we all saw Mook get choked on stage You's a coward. Battle rap used to be ours, I done towered It's no if, butts, Angie Martinez It's the difference from being hot and having power The matrix will test your patience for cold cracking I will battle anyone on this card with the hands of Jesus Don't you ever throw rocks at the sun, you can't reach it This my coat? Niggas robbed me? Stop lying Y'all niggas stole it off the ground When I put it down to get it popping Well since y'all got it here, for the last 10 years I've been meaning to get some house keys out my pocket First you impersonate a preacher Then a Black Panther slash part time Israelite Now you come dressed up as LL Fool J tonight See while he sent us on a goose chase Trying to develop a large picture The evidence is right here in our face, you really the lost nigga I figure when you configured these figures i.e. Heuy P It ain't for entertainment, it's cause your image tainted And when you stand in the mirror You don't like who you see So you use these to hide whats inside See this guy dissed guys by wearing a disguise His gimmick is to mimic intended to misguide us from really what's the business that your image is just lies So I'm saying I came to rain on your plane I can't let that shit fly See i don't get it, how a nigga always pretending to be someone else gonna have the nerve to tell another nigga he gotta be himself? You don't remember "Baby you a star, they love you the way your are" but thats perplexing Cause we don't even know the fuck who you are I wonder who your son think you are, it most certainly not you When you go to the hospital, do you play John Q Are you the doctor give the shot when your son got the flu When you take him to school are you his bus driver too I mean, what guy are you One minute you righteous Next minute you schizophrenic, he gonna render me lifeless Sounds like you going through an identity crisis How you gonna throw shade on Daylyt about using gimmicks with all these gimmicks you got I remember it wasn't about the signs, the vines, the pickets and the props It was about your lines, your rhymes And if the shit you spit was hot All of this dressing up like different people That ain't for niggas from the block The only time we in disguise when we fin to get the drop If your house made of glass, you shouldn't throw stones, slime He judging others but he living with faults the whole time Well my house paid off, I don't owe near no dime Which means I don't rent my floors, I own mine But let's take your laundry and throw it on the clothes line I heard your baby mom just came home From doing a little time You wasn't selling no CD's so you ass had to play the pine While Suge out there busting checks To put food on your plate to dine She didn't just wear the pants for her She worse the pants for two, faggot That means she was more that a man than you You running around filming battles with a camera crew She in the bank, trying to stay out the camera view So now I know why you address niggas as lions when you meet. Cause you the main nigga sending your queen in the jungle to bring back food for y'all to eat Oh, that don't hurt your pride, King You couldn't send Suge no commissary or a scribe, King You gotta me fucking kidding me Well, since Poppy's so accustomed to switching identities I won't be wrong when I turn John L. Lux into John F. Kennedy You think you running through John Wall You must know some sort of Wizardry My team foul, hit him six times, that will put us in the penalty With Cal you made a movie, Hollow played a part too It's only right you deal with Murda now I'm wrapping up the trilogy Poppy be talking fly, oh Poppy be talking reckless Poppy must be high, no, Poppy must got a death wish Poppy on the sunny side, Poppy going to get his egg split Stomach shot will let us know what Poppy had for breakfast Lux you must be a Gemini Cause you look at niggas with a friendly eye But in the back of your mind you wish he die See this is why niggas can't trust you. Because he makes sneak diss records bout rappers he claims he look up to But he never released it, he thought he kept it a secret Look at his face, you see this Jesus, why your expression foul I feel like, you feeling like, what I said was down low Like yo, like that was wild But we ain't gonna hold this up Cause my niggas, you know what's up, we kept the file Can I address the crowd Look at me King!!! Now I'm not mad at the fact you dissed Busta and Meek I'm mad at the fact you wasn't G and tried to keep it discrete What you think, it wouldn't leak You was on dust when you was taping it Mook did wrong for putting up the song Well, shit… he was wrong for making it

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